Investor presentation Wibl AS

Norwegian tech company that will challenge the international market with a self-service online ordering and payment platform that will revolutionize the restaurant industry.


Wibl is a Norwegian restaurant food-tech company, which will challenge and revolutionise the international restaurant industry.

With its self-service "do-it-yourself" online booking platform, Wibl's ambition is to become the restaurant industry's answer to in Europe.

Digital ordering, payment and use of data in relation to Consumer behavior, purchasing history and market communication will revolutionise the industry in the coming years. We have only just seen the beginning of the digitalisation of the restaurant industry, which in the Nordic region alone represents a turnover of more than NOK 300 billion. Approximately 90 percent of these sales are still made analogously without access to data or any basis for relevant marketing communication!

In a few years, this huge turnover will be routed via mobile, digital devices, collecting valuable data input for machine learning and AI that will revolutionise the opportunities in the industry.

Wibl will give any restaurant the opportunity to set up a complete, self-service digital online ordering and payment platform with a range of value-added service features. The set up will be easily done by the restaurant owner and completed in 1-2-3. Within the hour they will be able to accept online orders directly from consumer App, Web app and their own website, trigging more customers and sales.

*) Wibl will establishes all the functions in the platform so that it becomes super easy for restaurant owners to get started! They only need to enter the necessary information ref. Restaurant name, address, menu, prices, photos, account number, opening hours, any offers, choose a theme for the website, define take-away/delivery and any marketing campaigns etc. Everything else is generated automatically in the platform, and in 1-2-3 the restaurant is ready to accept its first order!

Why invest in Wibl.

Perfect timing - a huge market

Covid19 has led to a strong demand for mobile ordering and payment solutions for the restaurant industry, both in Norway and internationally. Revenue via mobile ordering and payment represents a multi-billion market.

The restaurants make more money

Mobile ordering and payment makes it super easy and fast for guests to order and re-order exactly when they want to. The number of orders, average orders, additional sales and tips is increasing. Faster turnover on the table gives increased capacity and more money for the restaurant.

Restaurants reduce costs

Digitising and simplifying operations, work processes and lowering cost for raw-material, staff and food waste will significantly increase bottom line for any restaurant.

The restaurants get more guests

Wibl is the restaurants answer to "" which presents and markets restaurants to thousands of potential guests via a common app, via the restaurants' websites, e-mail offers, webshop for take-away, local marketing campaigns and automated SoMe campaigns.

Valuable data on buying patterns

Data on purchase patterns, personal favorites, allergens, historical data, individual preferences, number of previous visits, etc. offers completely new opportunities for personalisation of menus, offers, recommendations and loyalty programs that will be enormously valuable over time.

The most complete supplier in the market

Wibl is the most complete supplier in the market and has more service features than any other of our competitors. We will remain best on simple solutions that combine good digital solutions with great personal service.

What do we solve and what value do we create for the restaurants?

  1. Increases sales, additional sales and tips by up to 20-30%
  2. Reduces significant personnel and operating costs
  3. Achieves better control over resources and reduce food waste
  4. Make the restaurant's order menu available in the app, QR code, Website / Weshop, SoMe
  5. Reduce cost to third parties by separate take-away module for Pick up yourself and Delivery
  6. Multi-channel marketing campaign module for marketing, branding and increased sales in the local environment
  7. Reduces the risk of infection by contact-free ordering and payment
  8. Real-time feedback system from guests for immediate correction of important points (coming)
  9. Group booking with individual payment saves time and provides higher utilization / turnover of tables
  10. BellCall function for time-saving service functions for both guest and restaurant
  11. Wibl for Business which provides a complete platform for the delivery of lunch, meeting room and overtime food to offices in the local area. Corporate share for lunch / overtime and company invoicing are taken care of for easy handling
  12. Wibl for Canteen for registration, ordering and payment so that the kitchen can adapt production to actual needs, and thus be able to significantly limit food waste (coming)

What do we solve, and what value do we create for the guests?

  1. Super easy ordering just when you want it provides faster serving for the guest
  2. Complete overview of menu, current recommendations, offers, deals, allergens, etc. on your own mobile
  3. Custom menu options based on previous purchases and preferences (coming)
  4. The possibility to re-order, request water, napkin, toothpicks or call a waiter with a keystroke on the mobile
  5. Group booking with individual payment. No need to share a bill or tip each other afterwards!
  6. Go straight to the table and go when you are done - the bill is already paid
  7. Reduces the risk of infection by using your own mobile for ordering and payment
  8. Order directly from your mobile or on the webshop / website with a link from Facebook and Instagram for take-away
  9. Enjoy good offers and accumulation of cash points in the app every time you shop
  10. Check out restaurants and great deals in your local area, or in other cities
  11. Flexible access to lunch, meetings and overtime food where business share is handled via the platform (coming)
  12. Loyalty program at your favorite restaurants (coming)

Market acceptance

Wibl has the most complete solution for the restaurant industry. We have more valuable and useful features than any other, and we get very good feedback that we have the simplest and most user-friendly interface in relation to. our competitors. The admin system for the restaurants is intuitive and is based on a drag & drop concept.

Wibl combines digital services with good customer service

Wibl offers both QR code, app and website for direct ordering. We have arranged for the digital experience to reflect or surpass the personal service that until now has been performed by the waiters.

When ordering from their own mobile, guests will receive an informative and pictorial presentation of menu dishes with any allergens and nutrient content (coming). Guests will be shown the day's specialty, recommendation and any offers. Guests can order without having to wait for a waiter and if desired order as a group where the order comes together to the kitchen and where the bill is distributed individually.

If the guest wants more to drink, the last order will be displayed for an easy and quick order at the touch of a button on the phone. Service functions such as requesting more water, a napkin, toothpick or a waiter can be easily selected at the touch of a button on the phone.

Information about bestsellers, previous guests' recommendations, recommended wines for special dishes, being able to remove dishes with special allergens for easier ordering, are features that will increase customer service for guests and make it easier for waiters (coming).

Business model

A recognized and enormously scalable business model based on sharing / pairing economy!

Companies like, Airbnb, Uber, Foodora and Wolt offer a platform for online booking solutions where they connect customers / guests to existing suppliers, and where it is easy for the guest to book and pay! The platform providers take a "cut" for the use of the platform / transaction. Scaling in volume gives a high return as the initial costs for the platform have already been taken.

Wibl's business model is based on the same (sharing / pairing economy) model. A model that has proven enormously profitable for both parties. And the model has a huge scaling potential.

Based on sales, setup and onboarding of almost 100 restaurants, we have through 2020/21 built a multi-functional, robust platform and are today in our opinion the most complete supplier in the market with the most functions for both guest and restaurant. The way forward is to make the platform ready for a self-service "do it yourself" solution, which we will launch internationally.

In the course of 6-8 months, we will launch the platform so that every restaurant in Norway, or internationally, can set up their own solution without our help. We will offer a simple version that provides the most necessary features at no cost - ie a freeware solution where they can set up the solution for our online ordering platform in less than 1 hour and get started themself. This will include their complete menu with online ordering from a separate website, which will be auto generated from 3 different website templates, menu with ordering via QR codes on the table and menu and restaurant presentation on Wibl App with geographical location of the restaurant and with tens of thousands of users (ref.

In the same system, the waiters will also have the opportunity to receive orders directly from the customers for the places or guests who want a personal order. The advantage is that all data is collected in the same platform for statistics, customization of menus, offers and market purposes.

The platform will both have its own POS system and be able to be integrated with the largest accounting systems. For Norway, this will primarily be Visma, Tripletext, Fiken and PowerOffice.

For increased functionality, there will be additional costs, based on the choice of functions. A Basic version will involve approx. kr. 790, - per month. For various Premium versions with options of value-adding functionality, marketing and sales algorithms, offer modules, market platform, Wibl for Business, various service functions, consumer data and machine learning modules for increased sales and value, 0.5-1% of turnover per month will be added. In addition, there will be a percentage commission from the actual transaction back to us via payment redeemer.

Everything we have done of functionality development in our platform since we started has been a preparation for this phase 2 in our plan. This is to enable an expansive growth outside Norway, based on a freeware that is easy to get started with for the restaurants themselves. And which in the first phase is free. The inspiration for this plan has been an actor who is very similar to us in mindset, layout and functionality and who these days has been sold to the Oracle Food and Beverage Global Business Unit for an unknown billion sum ( Read more here; They have experienced tremendous growth in recent years with a total of 25,000 restaurants internationally on their platform.

The model for spring; do-it-yourself platform, you see below

The Wibl Online Food Ordering Platform

How to set up your online ordering platform for your restaurant within minutes!

1) Setup your restaurant profile: 10 minutes

No coding skills required, no trick questions or long forms to fill out - simply pin your restaurant’s location on the map, add opening hours, text (templates will guide you) and your favourite pictures. Who said powerful online ordering software had to be complicated?

2) Easily create your own restaurant menu online

As part of the setup, our restaurant menu builder allows you to add food categories, yummy dishes, prices, up-sales, drinks, recommendations, menu & guest promotions and more. With a highly intuitive interface, you should be minutes away from taking online orders.

3) Don’t have a restaurant website yet? 10 more minutes

Our online ordering software will generate your very own custom website. Sharp and dashing, optimised for any device! Add your pictures or choose from our database and from here on it’s a matter of how personalised you want it to be.

4) Add the online ordering button on your Website, Facebook and Instagram page: 10 minutes

All that's left at this point is to add the “See MENU & Order” button on your website or use our smart ordering link on your Facebook/Insta page. This opens up a whole new world to start selling online in an ever growing technological world.

5) Install the free QR codes in the restaurant: 2 minutes

The Guest simply scan the QR code for menu at the table and each time an order is placed, you get a notification on your smartphone, tablet or bong printer. It takes less time to install the app than the time you have for accepting a delivery or pickup!

6) Activate the Wibl App! 1 minute

Presenting your menu, location, opening hours, promotions and more, to tens of thousands users!

7) Activate the intuitive Wibl admin system - 10 minutes

The pre-configured admin course will give you all you need to easily handle any admin set-up as to menu changes, choices, upsales, prices, choices, allergens, promotions, opening hours and more. And if you should need any help our 24/7 support will be available for you any time.

8) Marketing

By going digital, the Restaurants now have access to data and contact information about their customers. This enables powerful marketing tools.

Easily set up loyalty programs to encourage returning customers, set up first-time offers to convert first time visitors into customers, send email and sms campaigns about your happenings and offers, increase your google ranking, automate your email marketing to send unique targeted messages to make your customers more likely to purchase from your restaurant again and again, create google search ads, build your brand and attract new customers with Facebook, Instagram advertising.

9) View statistics and make changes to increase sales

Wibl collects data from you customers that you can use to make data based decisions in order to improve your service, menu, pricing, offers, loyalty programs, feedback respons, restaurant location, website, images etc.

Follow your sales and measure the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign.

We'll provide you the tools to help you grow your online business!

We created this free, do-it-yourself ordering platform, because we aim to become your trusted partner, and help you expand your business online with so many coming features.

The digital shift and the growing technological possibilities will provide you with so many new possibilities, where you can identify customers in the nearby area, shoot an invite for trying out your restaurant, giving him or her the right promotion based on previous buying behaviour, preferences or interest. You can market your restaurant to hundreds of thousand guests through our SoMe advertisement platform, and you can promote dishes or special deals on days with low occupancy. You can even get notice of frequent customers so you can honour them with special loyalty promotions.

The world is changing – and to take advantage of the amazing new possibilities for further growth you don`t really need to understand how to go about all of this! Because it is quite hard to keep up! And it is not your expertise! It`s our expertise – and we are here to help you☺

So join us to day! And we will guide you as your trusted partner along the way! Growing your online and in-house business!

«Folkelunsjen» by Wibl.

NEWS! Companies can now avoid expensive canteen costs, reduce food waste and increase the offer to all employees, no matter how many or few are in the office.

“Folkelunsjen" makes it possible for employees to use almost all restaurants in their immediate area as their own "canteen" at subsidized prices.

The pandemic has changed people's habits significantly in relation to. home office and work flexibility. This has led to major challenges for the vast majority of companies and canteens with regard to the implementation of lunch in the workplace. The uncertainty about how many people are in the office makes it very financially demanding to maintain a lunch / canteen offer.

Both canteens and companies must now find new sustainable solutions to this problem, both in relation to economy and food waste. And it's urgent!

Wibl has a super solution to this. We are now launching a simple, innovative and varied lunch, meeting and overtime alternative together with some selected partners. The concept "Folkelunsjen" will make it possible for all employees in all companies to use almost all restaurants in their immediate area as their own "canteen".

The restaurants will, in addition to their normal menu, offer the current Folkelunsj alternative, ie lunch dishes and offers in a separate category that is displayed to employees via the company's website, the restaurant's website, Wibl's website, Folkelunsjen's website and via Wibl webApp and WiblApp. Always available!

It does not get easier and better. Any employee can order and be served as soon as they arrive at the restaurant, or pick up to take back to the office. Alternatively, order meeting room and overtime food.

Employees receive a subsidized amount from their employer, which is deducted from the purchase at the restaurant. This saves the company a lot of money compared to. canteen and the staff get a varied offer at a nice price.

Wibl Folkelunsj provides the invoice basis and gives the companies admin rights to different subsidy amounts to different employees, time periods for lunch opportunity (eg 11.00-14.00), rights to order meeting room and overtime food, reports and statistics.

We are in dialogue with property owners who have several thousand office spaces, restaurant premises and professional canteen operators who see great benefits from the opportunities Folkelunsjen can offer!

Large selection - Fast - Easy - Flexible - Subsidized

  • Enjoy a great restaurant experience with good friends
  • Order from the menu on your own phone
  • See photos of the dishes with description, content and allergens etc.
  • Get today's recommendations!
  • Order and reorder when it suits you. You do not have to wait for a waiter
  • Need more water, toothpicks, napkins or s waiter? Just tap phone!
  • Suggestions for wine, tap the "wine glass" symbol and you will suitable suggestions or tap for wine waiter (coming)
  • If there are several of you, the bill is divided automatically

  • Wibl's platform provides better resource management of both staff and raw materials
  • The guest orders and pays for himself via Wibl and frees up time for the waiters
  • When guests can order whenever they want, they often order more
  • Fewer waiters can serve far more guests with more time for guest service
  • When the guests are done, they can just leave. It releases the table 15-20 minutes faster and increases turnover on the tables and thus turnover significantly
  • Take-away and Delivery driving office enables the restaurant to reduce large costs for third-party suppliers such as Foodora and Wolt

  • Regardless of whether the guests order from QR code on the table, via the app or the restaurant's website for take-away, the restaurant has full control of all orders, and can easily and quickly control the change of times etc.
  • Changes to orders or refunds are easily refunded in the admin system
  • Infection detection for tracking is captured when ordering and is automatically registered
  • Full accounting report that can be integrated / delivered directly to the accounts (coming)

Budsjett & Prognose




Kapitalbehov og emisjon

The company's value is estimated at NOK 20 million before the issue. We have the pleasure of inviting you to join as an investor in the restaurant industry's perhaps most exciting tech company.

The money we raise for this issue will go to further develop and commercialize our existing platform to an international market, so that each restaurant can set up their own complete, self-service ordering and payment platform of 1-2-3. And already the same day receive their first orders online, both from their website, QR code on the table and via the app. And at the same time gain access to a marketing platform for communication and marketing to new and existing guests.


By achieving the minimum amount of 3.5 million, we will have a complete self-service online solution with all current functions available for an international market. We will establish pilot restaurants outside Norway which have then been quality assured and adjusted in relation to. simplicity in setup, functions and start-up of their own self-service onboarding process. And we want to have developed our Freeware version for fast scaling internationally.


By achieving the maximum amount of 6 million, we will be able to develop our optimal "" version significantly faster, which will have all the functions necessary to operate a restaurant in the digital world, ref. Ordering and payment solutions, integrated POS system, pocket waiter, table reservations, personalization of menus, allergens, nutritional content, preferences and instant feedback systems from guests etc. We will have completed various Premium versions for a scalable revenue model and stronger connectivity through value-adding features. We will be able to scale more strongly internationally with increased marketing to both restaurants and guests. Marketing to guests will be based on simplicity when ordering, geographical overview of restaurants, recommendations, direct booking of tables, tips, offers and loyalty programs etc.

Potential financial upside

If we reach our budgets for 2,000 restaurants in 2025, which on our part is perceived as a moderate budget, ref. The scaling possibilities internationally, the upside from the current value could be very high. If we look at the valuations of competing players in the industry, an investment can yield 20-30 times the effort.

In 2022, new issues will be relevant, and Wibl has had a dialogue with professional investors that it may be relevant to carry out a larger issue within 12-18 months to further increase international scaling.

Exit strategy

During Q1 / Q2 2022, Wibl will launch its self-service ordering and payment platform for the restaurant industry internationally (based on a generic platform within sharing / pairing economy). The platform will be able to generate a significant number of restaurants that will be able to upload their restaurant to generate turnover via online ordering on the restaurants' own website, by scanning the QR code on the tables and via a marketing app similar to

If we assume that an average restaurant has a turnover of +/- 7 million per year, and that in the first couple of years 60% of the guests will use some form of digital ordering via the platform, then this will mean an average of 4.2 million per restaurant. . If 1,000 restaurants upload to the platform, this alone will mean a turnover of 4.2 billion. When selling value-adding functions for online ordering, payment solutions, marketing activities, data information etc. both a fixed monthly fee and a percentage cut will quickly become an attractive business model for us as shareholders and not least for various technological and financial players in complementary industries.

The only player that has done the same thing we do now was recently acquired by Oracle for a secret, unknown dollar in the billions. They had grown strongly in recent years and had a portfolio of +20,000 restaurants. We already have similar features in our system and believe that our platform will be at least as good, with a clear goal of being significantly better over time.

Existing shareholders and management have a clear ambition of an exit within 3-4 years, with a significant upside for shareholders.


Our two biggest competitors are Ordr and Weorder / QuickOrder. There are also a few other players that we do not directly perceive as competitors.

Both Ordr and Weorder, which started before us, have, as far as we know, about 4-600 restaurants each in their portfolios. Weorder merged with Danish QuickOrder, which had a few hundred customers on its POS / checkout system. Both have stated in the media and via recent issues stated valuations pp resp. 400 and 269 million kroner. They both express an offensive further growth outside Norway.

We experience this as positive. They are good competitors which means that we must all deliver good solutions in a market that is facing a major digital shift in the years to come. The market is so large that it is important that there are several players who play their part in the change process and who can challenge each other with different concepts, ideas and solutions to create increased value for the restaurant industry and their guests.



Any investment in shares is fraught with risk. Potential investors should therefore consider the risk factors that may affect the investment that follow from the information in the prospectus or appear in connection with the issue, and / or any other relevant matters before a decision is made to subscribe for shares.

Market risk: Risk that the market situation - if the demand or competition picture should change significantly in Norway and internationally as a result of a pandemic situation or other conditions, the company's ability to deliver may be reduced and thus weaken the company's future prospects and expectations for value creation.

Financial risk: Risk that the company does not achieve sufficient growth capital or turnover and profitability development that enables it to finance further business development and value creation.

Risk when investing in unlisted shares: The risk that the shares are not liquid may mean that it will be difficult to sell or sell the shares in the company.

We warmly welcome you as a shareholder in Wibl!

We look forward to an exciting journey and would like to have you on the team. Feel free to contact us directly if you have questions or want more information.

Haavard Helmen

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