The restaurant app

The app that allows you to find new restaurants, browse menus, order, reorder, pay directly on your phone, earn cash points and much more…

How does it work?

Find your restaurant

Open Wibl. and browse the restaurant of your choice. Check the full menu with exquisite photos, recommendations, allergens and great offers of the day!
Follow GPS instructions to the restaurant

Place your order

Find a table, decide & order directly from the menu on your phone! You will receive confirmation with estimated time for drinks and food to be served. No need to wait for the waiter. Enjoy!

Enjoy your meal

When you're done, you can simply leave! Payment is already registered on your credit card. You will receive an  e-mail receipt. Earn CashPoints every time you use Wibl.

Great for you!

Check out restaurants, menus & great offers in your area right from your phone!

- Save time ordering ahead
- Easily browse the menu
- No more bill splitting

You get to save money, enjoy great deals & have great experiences with your friends! Check it out!

Good for the planet

Help local restaurants fill their empty seats. It’s a WinWin deal for everyone!
Wibl is creating sustainable use of excess capacity, filling empty seats, diminishing food waste and contributing to the environment

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The Win-Win App for everyone!

You can help local restaurants fill their empty seats and reduce food waste
for a better economy  – while you enjoy great deals and great experiences with your friends!

How? How? We throw away 1/3 of all food that is manufactured, and there are billions of empty (unused) seats in restaurants & cafes all over the world – every day. Empty seats create no revenue, and it is the biggest challenge for improved profitability in the restaurant and entertainment industry.

Wibl. utilizes this capacity, diminishing food waste, attract new customers, fills empty seats, generate revenue and increase profit – all from unused seats.

Together we can create sustainable use of this excess capacity and at the same time have fun and enjoy great experiences together!

And to make it easy – we have made it all accessible for you in your own mobile app!
Browse – Order – Pay – Enjoy

Make every day a little less ordinary with Wibl


Super easy to use

It can't get easier to go out and dine. View menu and order directly in the app. No virus risk since you don't have to touch any payment terminal or menu

Super easy to use

It can't get easier to go out and dine. View menu, order and pay directly in the app. No virus risk since you don't have to touch any payment terminal or menu

Recently added restaurants in Oslo

Find new restaurants in your area with Wibl.

Lucky Bird

Vulkan 7, 0175 Oslo

The Chettinad

Trondheimsveien 139A, 0570 Oslo

Funky Fresh Foods

Hausmanns gate 16, 0182 Oslo

The Full Menu

Find your restaurant and browse the full menu on your phone! View exquisite pictures of all dishes, see how they are presented and search for allergens etc. You can even read customers reviews of the restaurant & the food;-) Enjoy!

Enjoy discounted dishes

With Wibl you can find great deals on restaurants in your area.

Earn 1 CashPoint for every 1 nok spent. CashPoints can be used to pay a part of chosen dishes

Find 2 for 1 offers and enjoy a meal with a friend as you only have to pay for one.

Many restaurants use this fantastic offer in order to fill empty seats on days with low occupancy, to avoid food waste or to simply attract new customers. It’s really a win, win deal for both parties

Group ordering

Now you can individually order together as a group!

You all get your food at the same time, and Wibl automatically splits the bill when your all done!  

No more arguing on who should pay the bill!! Avoiding the hassle of collecting part payments from the others later!

Make every day a little less ordinary with Wibl

Download the app on Google Play and App Store today to get access to a new world of great experiences!